Mentorship Program

The Horn Point Lab SWMS chapter has started a mentorship program with 10-12th graders at Cambridge South Dorchester High School. The mentorship program is designed to:

  • To provide personal guidance, encouragement, and support to those who wish to be mentored.
  • To foster relationships between mentors and mentees outside of the academic or work setting where a suitable mentor is often difficult to find.
  • To help build and support women leaders throughout STEM fields.

More information about the mentorship program can be found here. After filling out a questionnaire, mentees are matched with SWMS mentors based on similar interests. A correspondence in the form of a penpal like relationship will form and be beneficial to both the mentor and mentee. We are planning on expanding our mentorship program to other schools. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please reach out to our chapter at